46 Free DIY Kids Playhouse Plans

No matter your budget, level of craftsmanship, or children’s wish list of playhouse features, we have the right kids playhouse plans to suit your family’s needs.


1. The Multi-Purpose Playhouse by Playhouse Planner

Multipurpose Playhouse

Is your child begging for a playhouse now, but you have a feeling they will get bored and desert it quickly?

This polished yet simple playhouse features relatively high ceilings that will make your child feel like they are in their own palace, and allow you to utilize the space later down the road.

Create something your kids will love now – and you can enjoy as a garden shed or office once they’ve had their fun!

Build this playhouse.

2. The Play Fort by BuildEazy


Ideal for energetic kids, this playhouse is designed with busy bodies in mind!

Active kids will be delighted and amused for hours with a trap door entry, climbing wall, swing, and slide.

The playhouse frame is fixed together with bolts, leaving little opportunity for playhouse injuries.

The best part? You can supervise while comfortably seated on your patio.

Build this playhouse.

3. The Jigsaw Cabin Playhouse by UBuild.com

Jigsaw Log Cabin

Do you find your child constantly climbing on everything?

Give them a leg up with this open kids playhouse plan. It not only offers the fun of a traditional playhouse, but gives young climbers the opportunity to safely scale their new abode.

With an overhanging front porch and adorable jigsaw-log cabin look, this playhouse is sure to be a hit in the neighbourhood – with kids and adults alike!

Build this playhouse.

4. Cedar Play Teepee by Killer B Designs

cedar play teepee

If you live in a windy area, don’t fret. Your child can still have an outdoor playhouse!

The cedar play teepee plan is the perfect design that will stay standing through rough storms and strong gusts of wind.

Another benefit: the open concept offers extra visibility, making it a good option if your child tends to get into trouble when out of sight.

Build this playhouse.

5. The Star Wars Fighter Jet Playhouse by Instructables

Star Wars

Does your child dream of flying around in a fighter jet with R2D2? This is one of our favorite kids playhouse plans.

You can help make their dreams become (somewhat) of a reality with this Star Wars themed playhouse plan!

Featuring an octagonal pilot canopy and hexagonal wings, we recommend that only experienced builders take on this project.

May the force be with you!

Build this playhouse.

6. PVC Pipe Playhouse by Turning Stones

PVC Playhouse

This quick and easy playhouse requires no lumber, no hammer, and no nails!

Made from PVC pipe and fabric, this playhouse is light enough to comfortably move from inside to outside (weather permitting!).

Let your little ones be a part of the playhouse process by having them select their favourite fabric for the walls and doors.

With a budget of under $75, you can complete this build without worrying about your bank account.

Build this playhouse.

7. The Refurbished Shed Playhouse by Lay Baby Lay

Refurbished Shed

Is there an old, unused shed on your property?

Then you already have the foundation for your kid’s playhouse!

While Joni Lay of Lay Baby Lay opted to create a storefront look for her little performer, a shed foundation can easily be customized to your child’s specific interests.

Another bonus: this playhouse can have as small or large of a budget as you desire!

Build this playhouse.

8. Swing Set Playhouse by Reality Daydream

playhouse with swing set

Bring the playground home!

Do you have a hard time weaning your kids away from your local park or playground? If so, this playhouse is the answer to your problem.

This playhouse plan features ample space with two levels, a swing set and slide. You won’t have to worry about your kids putting up a fuss anymore!

Build this playhouse.

9. The Pallet Playhouse by Instructables

Pallet Playhouse

This charming, traditional playhouse is appealing to kids and will look stylish on your property!

Customize this classic playhouse build by getting your kids to pick fun paint colors and funky window shapes.

This playhouse design can be built from shipping pallets or reclaimed wood, and can be created for around $200.

Build this playhouse.

10. Hatch Roof Playhouse by DIY Network

Hatch Roof

Sunburns be gone!

This fun, modern design gives kids two stories of play space while keeping them safely shaded from the sun.

With lots of room to add personal touches and fun chalk walls to get creative with, it might be hard to get them to come back out.

Build this playhouse.

11. The Living Willow Playhouse by Dengarden

Living Willow Playhouse

If you want to encourage your kids to appreciate nature more, the Living Willow Playhouse is the perfect fit.

It requires patience – but the outcome is well worth it.

Kids can help sculpt a den with long willow rods. They get to watch as their den grows big and lush right before their very eyes!

Seeing is believing.

Build this playhouse.

12. Classic Treehouse by Instructables

Classic Treehouse

This treehouse is truly the stuff kids’ dreams are made of and is another one of my favorite kids playhouse plans.

You’ll need a sturdy, multi-branch tree for the basis of the build. Besides that, all you need is lots of lumber and basic tools!

The beauty of this playhouse is the possibilities it offers. It can be a pirate ship one day; a spy’s lookout spot the next.

Let their imaginations run wild!

Build this playhouse.

13. Train Playhouse by Paul’s Playhouses

Train Playhouse

All aboard!

Give your young conductor an express pass to their very own Choo-Choo Train Playhouse.

Your aspiring engineer will instantly be transported into hours of fun make-believe.

Believe it or not, this realistic locomotive design can be built with basic tools and woodworking skills.

Build this playhouse.

14. The Cool Cob Playhouse by Instructables

Cool Cob Playhouse

If you live in an area that can get hot and dry in the summer, you’ll want to consider this playhouse to keep your littles ones cool while playing outside.

The cob layer and living roof provide a natural cooling system. Plus, it looks like an adorable Hobbit house!

This is an excellent playhouse choice for inexperienced builders, or builders on a budget. Use scrap wood and earth to create this cool den for around $30.

Build this playhouse.

15. Indoor/Outdoor Playhouse by House of Wood

Indoor Outdoor Playhouse

This straightforward build offers indoor/outdoor versatility and lots of opportunity for customization (i.e. adorable flower boxes, stylish circular windows, and fun wreaths).

With a clean design and lots of room to adapt to your child’s liking, you can’t go wrong with this playhouse.

Build this playhouse.

16. Hideaway Playhouse by The Handmade Home

HideAway Playhouse

What child wouldn’t feel special in their very own hideaway home?

With a platform build and lakeshore-inspired porch, you might end up a bit envious of your child’s new special space!

This playhouse is a great build to customize over time. Surprise your child by adding a slide, some fun curtains, or other accessories later down the road.

Build this playhouse.

17. Cardboard Box Playhouse by Instructables

Cardboard Box Playhouse

This cute and quick playhouse can be made at no cost (really!).

So long as you have some flat packaged cardboard, a marker, a knife and tape measure, this playhouse can be created for free and within minutes.

Once you’ve finished the structure, bring out paint, crayons and stickers to allow your little one to customize the playhouse to their liking.

Build this playhouse.

18. Reading Nook Playhouse by Vintage Revivals

Reading Nook Playhouse

Get your bookworm out in the fresh air!

Reading is an excellent passion for any child to have, so why not support their love of reading with a special outdoor reading nook. Fill their new playhouse with favorite books, a comfy chair, pillows, and some stuffed animals.

This playhouse is a good project for first-time builders and is relatively inexpensive.

Don’t forget the bookmarks!

Build this playhouse.

19. Indoor Bungalow Playhouse by Ana White

Indoor Bungalow Playhouse

Have an artist in the making?

Nurture their creativity with this indoor playhouse featuring large chalk panels.

They can transform this playhouse – both inside and out – into whatever their artistic little mind dreams up.

Build this playhouse.

20. Wacky Playhouse by Instructables

Wacky Playhouse

You’ve probably guessed the inspiration behind this playhouse: Dr. Seuss!

If your young ones are crazy for Green Eggs and Ham, this playhouse is the one for them. They will love the wonky angles and bright colors.

Add a bookshelf of Dr. Seuss books for a final touch!

Build this playhouse.

21. The Log Cabin Playhouse by Ideas2Live4

Log Cabin Playhouse

Whether you have an aspiring lumberjack or just love the look of a quaint log cabin, this playhouse is sure to be a hit.

This design can be created for only a couple hundred of dollars, and was developed with durability in mind.

This playhouse will provide your kids – and future grandkids – a sturdy, fun place to call their own.

Build this playhouse.

22. Cottage Playhouse by BuildEazy

Cottage Playhouse

Waste not, want not!

This playhouse plan minimizes material waste.

The contemporary style is surprisingly straightforward – but you will want to spend some extra time on the roof!

Build this playhouse.

23. Recycled Doors Playhouse by Earthscape

Recycled Doors Playhouse

Doors aren’t typically something we think of as reusable. Make sure to save any spare doors from here on out!

This unique playhouse helps teach the important lesson of recycling, and how everyday items can be repurposed to fit different needs.

You can include your kids in this cost-effective, easy build by having them paint the outside once you’ve finished the structure. (Smocks are strongly encouraged).

Build this playhouse.

24. Scrap Fabric Teepee by Twig and Toadstool

Scrap Fabric Teepee Playhouse

If you like the solid structure a teepee playhouse offers, but want flexibility with the exterior design, this project is right for you and your wee ones.

Kids can create the outer design using sheets, pieces of fabric, and whatever accessories they can find.

For a more durable outer design, supervise your kids and have them staple their woven fabrics to the frame.

Build this playhouse.

25. Rustic Pallet Playhouse by Built by Kids

Build Pallet Playhouse

Who says a playhouse needs doors?

This rugged pallet playhouse is super simple to make and still offers hours of fun for the kids.

Pallet crates offer stackable fun that can quickly change the landscape of the play fort.

Build this playhouse

26. The Mini House Playhouse by Ron Hazelton

Mini House Playhouse

Do you have a child that dreams of tending their very own garden, receiving their own mail, or hosting their own visitors?

This playhouse is perfect for make-believe homemakers.

Just make sure they don’t forget to water their plants!

Build this playhouse

27. Funky Plywood Playhouse by BuildEazy

Funky Plywood

Maybe you have limited backyard space, or you just want the option to enjoy your garden without seeing your children’s toys scattered about.

This funky playhouse is easily dismantled for quick storage, and a breeze to reassemble at playtime.

Kids are guaranteed to love this unique playhouse – but beware – only experienced builders should take this project on.

Build this playhouse

28. The High-Tech Princess Playhouse by Instructables

High Tech Princess

If you’re a tech whiz, this is quite possible the best gift you could ever give your little princesses.

This Princess Playhouse features working light fixtures, a recessed TV, a sound system with in-ceiling speakers, a faux fireplace, a doorbell, and best of all: an interactive magic mirror. Like the one in Snow White.

We urge builders to proceed with caution. This playhouse sounds fancier than most houses… You might just find some uninvited neighbours show up!

Build this playhouse

29. American Gothic Playhouse by Southern Pine

American Gothic Playhouse

With elaborate trim and spire, this playhouse is truly a gothic dollhouse brought to life.

If you are looking for a challenging carpentry project, and a gorgeous design that will stand out from all the other playhouses on the block, you’ve found your kid’s new playhouse.

Build this playhouse

30. The “Real House” Playhouse by BuildEazy

Real House Playhouse

This sturdy playhouse offers durability and ample light and air-flow with four opening windows.

Kids love the realistic touches, privacy, and ability to play in this house no matter the season.

Parents can rest assured this playhouse will stay strong for years to come!

Build this playhouse

31. Rocket Ship Playhouse by Paul’s Playhouses

Rocketship Playhouse

Get ready for lift off in 3… 2… 1…

Take your young astronaut to the next level with this simple rocket ship playhouse.

For added fun include paneling, a walkie-talkie to radio back to Earth, and Nerf guns for protection against space aliens.

Build this playhouse

32. 2 Story Fort Playhouse by UBuild.com

2 Story Playhouse

An ideal playhouse for kids wanting to keep an eye out for intruders, scoundrels, and pirates.

Kids and adults can enjoy the upper deck and take advantage of the height with fun activities like star gazing and bird watching.

The downstairs area of the fort can be used as storage – or if you’re feeling generous, the kids can use it as play space too!

Build this playhouse

33. Kid’s Castle Playhouse by BuildEazy

kids castle

This adorable castle playhouse is secured with a “lug and plug system,” so parents needn’t worry about scratches caused by nails.

This small, safe and fun playhouse can easily be disassembled and stored in a narrow space when playtime is over, and reassembled the very next day.

While you work on the structure, your kids can work on designing their playhouse flag!

Build this playhouse

34. Classic Backyard Fort by This Old House

Backyard Fort

Why improve perfection?

The traditional backyard fort has been keeping kids happy for decades.

With a secret hatch, a peephole, and built-in seats for your princesses, knights and wizards, kids are sure to get hours of entertainment out of this versatile playhouse.

Additional bonus: kids can help with a lot of the building process!

Build this playhouse

35. Hanging Treehouse by DIY Network

Hanging Treehouse

This isn’t the treehouse you had growing up!

A sophisticated take on the classic treehouse, this build holds children and adults alike in a cozy, suspended pod.

Build this playhouse.

36. Under the Table Playhouse by This Big Oak Tree

Under The Table Playhouse

If woodworking isn’t your strong suit and you have a knack for sewing, this felt playhouse is a fantastic (low-cost!) option.

This playhouse slips over a table and can easily be customized to your child’s imagination. Instead of a house, why not create a dungeon? A fire station? A candy store?

The possibilities are endless.

Build this playhouse

37. Modern Pallet Playhouse by Sweetpotato Peachtree

Modern Pallet Playhouse

The perfect playhouse plan for a first-time builder, this pallet-based design can be created for between $400-$500.

Brainstorm with your child to develop an interior they will love to play in. Stephanie from Sweetpotato Peachtree included shelves, a fold-down table, and a window area.

Your kids can contribute to the project by accessorizing this easy build with paint, lights, and decorations. Stickers may also be used.

Build this playhouse.

38. Climbing Wall Treehouse by Instructables

Climbing Wall Treehouse

This impressive playhouse plan is fun for all ages.

The climbing wall offers a challenge for older kids, with bouldering chips and hand holds, and easy access for younger kids, with a simple ladder. A trap door leads to the playhouse, but the fun doesn’t stop there – sturdy railing offers a lookout fort, and attached below is a swing set.

This treehouse/playhouse/fort is sure to make any kid happy (and keep them occupied!).

Build this playhouse.

39. The Natural Playhouse by the Natural Learning Initiative

Natural Playhouse

Looking for an eco-friendly alternative to store bought playhouses?

Natural Playhouses are a creative and affordable option for parents wanting their children to engage more with nature.

Tip: Collaborate with tree removal companies to conserve tree branches before they grind them up.

Build this playhouse.

40. Monster Truck Playhouse by Instructables

Monster Truck

Playhouses can come in many shapes and sizes – including monster truck size!

This playhouse is a dream come true for many young hot rod fans. With a trap door and ladder, this monster truck is anything but ordinary.

If you’re concerned about the height on this build, consider using smaller tires. Your kids will still love it!

Build this playhouse.

41. Outdoor Hideaway Playhouse by Paul’s Playhouses

Outdoor Hide Away

If you aren’t keen on venturing into complicated carpentry, this is a great option that kids can get creative with.

A puppet theatre one day; a classroom the next. This simple playhouse will never disappoint!

Build this playhouse.

42. The Ultimate Athletic Playhouse by Wellness Mama

Ultimate Athletic

If you have a future athlete on your hands, this playhouse plan is for you.

With a design that includes a climbing wall, rope, cargo net, fire pole, monkey bars, rings, trapeze, zip line, and slack line, this playhouse will not only burn tons of energy, but help your child improve fundamental motor skills and coordination.

This playhouse won’t be cheap to make, but there is an extra bonus: the design is sturdy enough for adult use!

Build this playhouse.

43. Cardboard Gingerbread Playhouse by Inner Child Fun

CardBoard Ginger Bread Playhouse

Is Santa on his way?

Help your child get into the Christmas spirit with their very own life-size gingerbread playhouse.

Consisting mainly of cardboard, paper plates, and colored tissue paper, this sweet little playhouse provides tons of fun for your little elf, without breaking the bank.

We recommend you keep this one indoors!

Build this playhouse.

44. DIY Indoor Cardboard Box Playhouse by Say Yes

Card Board Box Playhouse

This might be the fanciest cardboard box playhouse you’ll ever find.

Featuring a Dutch split door, a window with curtains, card stock shingles, a lookout window and twinkle lights, your kids won’t know whether you purchased this or made it yourself!

This playhouse can be created using everyday items and costs a fraction of a store-bought playhouse.

Build this playhouse.

45. Princess Pavilion Tent by ikatbag

Princess Pavillion

This adorable indoor/outdoor table tent is the perfect spot for your little princess to have tea.

This is a great option for those gifted with sewing skills, but lacking in the carpentry department.

This playhouse plan can easily be customized to a generic circus tent as well.

Build this playhouse.

46. “Shingled” Pallet Playhouse by 99 Pallets

Shingled Pallet Playhouse

Kids love the look of this shingled playhouse, and parents can save money utilizing home scraps and discarded material.

This playhouse plan has an adjustable window, making it the perfect spot for your kids to hangout whether it’s warm or cold.

Build this playhouse.