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chickens for sale

Chickens for Sale – 6 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Chickens

Mistake #1: Picking the Wrong BreedWhen you see chickens for sale, it’s easy to get excited and pick the first chicken you see. But, this is a huge mistake that can have big consequences. Not all chickens are great at producing eggs, and not all chickens are suited for certain climates.Breed TemperamentsDifferent chicken breeds have […]

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brown ale recipes

25 Brown Ale Recipes

Brown ale recipes (sometimes) get a bad rep. Craft beer lovers often think of this style as… well, boring. Maybe it doesn’t pack the same punch as a porter, or the zesty bitterness of an amber or a red. 

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modern homesteading firewood

How Much Is A Cord of Wood? All You Need to Know About Firewood.

If you’re ready to start enjoying the pure satisfaction of burning natural firewood, whether it is for the function of heating your home or simply for your own relaxation and pleasure, read on!

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